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Gators Nic Salts

Aspire CYBER G TG POD (2 pack)

Aspire CYBER G TG POD (2 pack)

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Product Description

These TG PODS are primarily compatible with the ASPIRE CYBER G KIT. These pods have a slimline design that deliver a tight inhale and the mouthpiece is sure to really optimise the flavour of your favourite e-liquid.

The 0.8ohm pod works best with 50/50 e-liquid, which give an even balance of flavour and vapour production. The 1.0ohm also work with 50/50, but are also ideal for nic salt liquids. These provide a smoother vape and either reduce or eliminate throat hit. This is perfect for heavy smokers making the transition to vaping.

To fill the pod simply pull out the rubber bung on the side and insert the nib of your liquid bottle. If the pod is being filled for the first time it’s important that it is left for 5–10 minutes before vaping. This allows the cotton to soak and stops the coil from burning straight away.